Cold weather pitching in Game 6

With the series 3-2 in favor of the Red Sox heading into Game 6 tonight, there are many people who think it is over with the series moving back to Boston. I for one don’t think it is over, mainly for one reason. That reason is 22 years old and stands 6’6″ tall.

Michael Wacha! This kid has proven the big stage and bright lights don’t bother him. The Cardinals were down 0-1 in the series when he got the ball in one of the most hostile places in sports to play in, Fenway Park. He proved he was not intimidated by that.

The other reason is that he counts on his fastball and changeup. If you have to pitch in cold weather, those are the two pitches that your grip affects the least.

The Red Sox are not a team that is going down without a fight. John Lackey has proven that he is a big game pitcher. But his curveball is a huge part of his arsenal. If he doesn’t have a good grip on it, it will affect the bite and location of it. Game 5 really was the only game where a mistake didn’t lead to a team winning or losing. I believe the team that plays the best defense in Game 6 will win.

For Lackey to win, Boston is going to have to make more plays defensively than the Cards, because I believe Wacha will strike out more guys. That being said, to predict a winner in this series simply is a guess on anyone’s part. These teams are very evenly matched. All I am going to guess is that there will be a Game 7!

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