League Championship Series

For all of those reading this, I’m a little late with my predictions for who will advance to the World Series. But I will say this: Game 2 of the ALCS hasn’t started yet, but with the Tigers winning Game 1 in Boston 1-0, I can tell you that I would have bet all I own that there was no way that the Tigers could have won a game against the Sox 1-0 where the Detroit bullpen had to throw three innings.

I really like Benoit as the closer and Smyly as the lefthander, but the rest of the Tiger pen has been a coin flip. I picked Detroit to win the series before it started, but that was based on their rotation. I wouldn’t hesitate to predict that a Tigers starter would go eight shutout innings and Benoit one inning in a 1-0 win.

The tigers have the best rotation in baseball, in my opinion. But for them to win the series, they can’t expect to get three innings a game out of their pen. Their starters will have to go deep in games. The Sox struck out 17 times last night. Even with Scherzer and Verlander being the next two starters, I don’t expect the Sox to punch out that much again. This series may go seven games.

As for the NLCS, at the very least I would have expected LA to leave St. Louis with a split. They had their top two starters going with Greinke and Kershaw. The Cards don’t hit lefties very well, and they didn’t yesterday, with the only run coming off a down-the-middle passed ball that put Freese on third with one out and John Jay hitting a sac fly for the only run. Meanwhile, Greinke threw eight innings and allowed just two runs, while the Cardinals started Kelly, who didn’t have great command, but got threw six innings, allowing only two runs. Both of those games should be wins for the Dodgers.

There are two really big reasons I don’t think the Dodgers can come back and win this series. The first being that Hanley Ramirez didn’t play in Game 2 because of bruised ribs from being hit by a Joe Kelly fastball. Since he couldn’t play yesterday, I don’t think he will play again in this series. That really hurts the Dodger lineup.

The second reason is now they have to face the Cards’ ace, Adam Wainwright, in Game 3. Oh yeah, and the Cardinals’ bullpen that has rookie after rookie that can come on and throw 98 to 101 MPH will make every game much shorter for manager Mike Matheny. Carlos Martinez throws 98 with movement and a wipeout slider, then you have Siegrist from the left side also throwing 98. And to top it off, their closer all year long, Edward Mujica, has not seen the field in two one-run games.

The closer’s job is now Trevor Rosenthal’s. He had three saves in September. Yesterday he came in to face the middle of the Dodger order and blew all three guys away like it was nothing. The last five outs of a 1-0 win were all strikeouts recorded by rookie Cardinals relievers.

I always have said that there is nothing more dangerous than youth, talent and confidence. This St. Louis team is loaded with all three of those things. The Cards will be in the World Series. The identity of their opponent is up in the air, but I believe it will be the Tigers because of their rotation.


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Cardinals have great hitters, they just need to hit base hits, on the ground.

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