Postseason preview

With the season over and the playoffs upon us, I wish I could sit here and tell y’all who is going to win. It is so close in both leagues that it is almost impossible to predict.

We still don’t know the final Wild Card team from the AL. The Dodgers haven’t been playing that well to finish the season. Neither have the Tigers. The Dodgers lost Kemp for the postseason. The Tigers got no-hit in their last game. The hottest teams going into the playoffs are St. Louis and Pittsburgh in the NL and Cleveland in the AL. But Cleveland has had trouble with teams with winning records this season.

Experience plays a big role in the postseason, so I think the Reds will beat Pittsburgh in the NL Wild Card Game. I think Texas beats the Rays in the Tiebreaker Game and then Cleveland in the AL Wild Card Game. I had picked the Dodgers and Tigers for the World Series, and I am sticking with the Tigers. But I believe St. Louis will win the NL pennant. And I am sticking to my pick from before the season and taking the Tigers to win it all.

All that being said, this has been the most interesting trek to the postseason I have ever seen! And that is because of the Wild Card teams. Kudos, Bud Selig!


Boy, were you wrong….
Go back to the sand lot.. little rangers

Reds were terrible – Dusty has to go!

Keep up the great work on MLB, we love watching you. Your cousin Mitch!!!

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