Grilli going down

With Jason Grilli going on the DL, how much will this hurt the Pirates’ chances to make the Postseason? Simply put, I don’t believe they can if they don’t make a move before the Trade Deadline.

There are a few teams that can use a closer heading into the deadline. If I were the Pirates, I wouldn’t part with any of my prospects that will make this team a contender for the next few years.

So who should they go after? This may sound crazy, but I think they could get Joba Chamberlain from the Yankees for next to nothing.

Joba ain’t a starter. He wears his emotions on his sleeve too much to start. You can’t celebrate 27 outs. I believe and always have , that Joba would do well in the closer’s role. For one thing, he has the stuff to do it. Secondly, Joba ain’t all there! I mean that in the best possible way. He will forget if he had a bad outing.

The Pirates took a chance on a guy in Grilli who is 35 and had five career saves entering this season. And he has been awesome. Joba needs out of New York. He is the poster child for a player needing a change of scenery! Get him out of the fish bowl that is New York and put him in Pittsburgh, where they celebrate every win because it has been so long since they have won.

Trade for Joba, give him the ball in the ninth and tell him to go be himself. It could be a stroke of genius on the Pirates’ part. And if it doesn’t work, they won’t have given up part of their future!


I agree 100%, I think its a great fit!

Joba Chamberlain?…Mitch, come on now! I think the best thing Neal Huntingdon can do is to be patient and not panic. The Pirates’ bullpen is not just comprised of Jason Grilli. Grilled Cheese has been amazing to this point. But, let’s not forget about the great work that Mark Melancon, Justin Wilson, Tony Watson, Vin Mazzaro, Bryan Morris, and others have done in the Pirate bullpen. They can win with these guys. It may not be as automatic in the back end of the bullpen, but this is not a need they have to address. The Pirates have obvious hitting concerns. They struggle mightily hitting with runners in scoring position. One more reliable bat would do wonders for the Bucs. Again, make no mistake, Jason Grilli’s absence will be missed for sure. However, bringing in Joba’s high ERA and terrible WHIP is not a solution, especially when you consider that the Pirates play the Cardinals and Reds 19 more times.

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