Buying a team

Some teams have gone out and spent a ton of money over the last two years. Let’s look at how they have fared since.

I am a big believer in the idea that you can’t buy a successful big league team. You can buy great players, but that doesn’t always add up to wins on the field. We saw the Marlins trying to do it last year, and it failed so badly that they traded away every free agent they had spent big money on.

This past winter, the Blue Jays made a blockbuster deal with a huge financial risk to bring all of those guys from Miami to Toronto. The Dodgers and Angels tried similar investments. The 2013 season didn’t start out very well for any of them. If you were to ask, I don’t think any of those team would be happy with the results so far, as the Dodgers and Blue Jays sit in last place in their divisions and the Angels are fighting for third in the AL West right now.

Of all these teams, I thought that the Blue Jays had the best chance of doing something. Yes, they currently are in the AL East cellar, but they have played much better as a team lately. I believe you win with both talent and chemistry — not with just one of those. The chemistry is not there for either LA team yet. The Dodgers haven’t looked like they are close to clicking as a team yet. The same goes for the Angels. With all the talent both teams have, you would think that at some point they would string together a long winning streak. That hasn’t happened for either, but it has for the jays, who now have won eight straight.

Many people think you can build a team from a stat sheet. I don’t. I believe you have to have guys who fit together and have talent. Hence the success of the Orioles and Athletics. They ain’t even in the ballpark talent-wise with any of these teams who spent big. But none of these big-spending teams come across as having as much fun or trusting in their teammates like the O’s and A’s do.

Given the choice, I would rather have chemistry than talent. When you have chemistry, everyone knows what their role is, and they come ready to play every day and perform that role. When you are loaded with talent but lack chemistry on the field or in the clubhouse, it shows.

Losing is no fun. But players thinking they have to push themselves to earn them their huge paycheck is is no fun either. I don’t care how much money you make. If you ain’t winning, what your bank statement says ain’t gonna make you happy. Or at least it shouldn’t!


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I agree with you completely on this point. I feel bad for Dodgers and Angels fans this year because of the high priced talent not having any chemistry. What are the reasons for their lack of success? Is there no chemistry? or is it managerial problems? or is it laziness? I don’t know. The Blue Jays have turned it around lately and I know my fellow Canadians have been rallying around them. It’s pretty cool to see.

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I’m pretty sure at one point like a month ago the Angels won 8 straight as well.

That was more Mike Trout than the Angels, but still.

The ’93 Jays had talent. The ’93 Phillies had chemistry.

yet the jays were the better team!

The braves this year are a perfect example of spending $$$$ and not getting results. Management made the commitment to better the offense and they have failed big time. Tough for fans to swallow, they are in first place but they wont be there long with there pathetic display of hitting. Everyone making excuses but its time to man up.

So … your argument is that you need both talent and chemistry. Talent is easy to assess and can be purchased at market prices. What exactly is your prescription for attaining chemistry? This isn’t a new argument — it just lacks any element of how one goes about doing it. When you get there, let me know.

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