The best team in baseball

As we sit here on May 21, 2013, do we know who is the best team in baseball yet?

Answer: No, we don’t.

There are teams we thought would be the class of their divisions that have not come close to living up to what all of us experts predicted.

In the AL East, many believed that the Jays would be the team to beat. I was not one of them. They sit in the cellar of the East. The Yankees are at the top. I picked them last, due to all of their injuries. They have gotten great contributions from guys who were considered castoffs: Vernon Wells, Lyle Overbay and Travis Hafner. I am sticking with my pick of the Rays winning the East.

In the Central, I thought the Tigers would run away with it. Cleveland has played really well and they sit atop the division, but I still believe Detroit will win it.

As for the West, I thought the angels would be able to out-hit their marginal pitching. I have been dead wrong on that. They are a mess. The Rangers right now are the class of that division.

In the NL, many people including myself thought that the Nats would run away with their division. That has not happened. The Braves have played better baseball than them to this point. I still feel the Nats are the best team in the East and will win it in the end.

In the Central, the Reds were the pick to win that division by a wide margin, but the Cardinals’ pitching has been off the charts to this point. I’m sticking by that pick as well. I think the Reds are very balanced, top to bottom.

Now we get to the NL West. The sexy pick was the Dodgers due to all the money they spent. I stand by my belief that you can’t buy a team . The Giants have not pitched well and are still near the top. The Dodgers are struggling. The Rockies and D-backs have played better than anyone could have expected. I still believe the Giants will find a way to come out on top of that division, because the season is 162 games long — not 44.

But the one thing I can say without any hesitation at all is that we have no clue who is the best team in baseball to this point. There are teams playing over their heads and teams playing way below what was expected of them. But since I’m not a bandwagon jumper, I’m going to stick with my World Series picks of Detroit and Washington. I believe over the course of 162 games, the best teams ultimately end up where they should be. Pitching wins! And I believe those two teams have the deepest rotations in both leagues.


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Cleveland is scary good. My Cubs are making a run of it and showing signs of improvement, but as far as the best team in baseball right now? Cleveland.

I believe in money and I believe in hitting. Pitching will win you the world series, but hitting gets you there. If I were forced to pick the ws matchup at gunpoint, I’d go with the two LA teams. But, the best team in baseball at this moment, I got nothing.

Two last place teams are going to make it to the WS? Sorry Tommyo, but…BANG!!!

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