Front office shakeup in Texas

Today we learned that the job of President of Baseball Operations with the Rangers has been taken away from Nolan Ryan and given to the team’s GM, John Daniels.

This is the problem plaguing our game. I have all the respect in the world for these young front office people that come out of Harvard or Yale — or in Daniels’ case, Cornell. I respect them when they know what they are good at: business, finance, or organizational skills — those sorts of things.

Where I tend to lose respect for them is when they decide they know how to evaluate baseball talent better than people like Nolan Ryan! When they so that, they do their players a disservice, as well as their fan base and the entire organization.

I can’t speculate what the problem is down in Arlington between Nolan and Daniels, but I can say this: I was a Ranger back when going to a game was something a fan did when there was nothing else to do that night in town. Over the last four years, they have done something I never thought would be possible, and that was take away fans from the Dallas Cowboys.

I don’t know Daniels, but the way that Michael Young was treated there was just wrong. Young changed positions four times for the good of the team. He became an All-Star at three different positions, then demanded a trade after the signing of Adrian Beltre.

I spoke to Michael about this, and that conversation will remain between us. One thing I can say for sure is that as soon as a GM starts to think he can evaluate talent better than someone like Ryan without anywhere near the baseball background, he is giving himself too much credit. The problem I see in Texas is that they have power arms in their rotation, and all of them are trying to become sinker ball pitchers.

It is harder to command a sinker than it is a four-seam fastball. So if you can’t command it, it becomes a 91-MPH hit-me pitch. Trust me. You can make way more mistakes and get away with them if the pitch is 98 than if the pitch is 91. I think that has to change. I think they need to let these guys who can throw 95 to 98 go out and do it, and use a sinker only in spots where it is needed.

I will point to an organization that has a very smart GM: Tampa. Andrew Friedman is very smart. I believe he is smarter than any other GM out there right now, because I believe he surrounds himself with very good baseball people and trusts each of them to do their job, from scouts to Minor League pitching instructors. I don’t know about y’all that are reading this, but I don’t for a second think Friedman is making any decisions involving talent without consulting his baseball people.

In my opinion, you are only ignorant if you try and tell someone how to do their job if you aren’t qualified to do that job. I don’t think I’m going to get to many people calling me to do their taxes or represent them in court. Just as I am not going to argue with someone who does a job that I have no clue about.

If the Rangers lose Ryan, they will be headed back to where they were before he got there.


“In my opinion, you are only ignorant if you try and tell someone how to do their job if you aren’t qualified to do that job”

Aren’t you telling the Rangers management how to do their job here?

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What qualifies a former baseball player to be a talent evaluator?

I’m quite sure Daniels uses every piece of information from both sabermatricians and scouts t do his job. Smart people surround themselves with smart people. That’s what Daniels has done.

And as for Young, 16 million/year for a player that produces negative WAR is a sink-hole. Leadership isn’t worth that much. Rangers’ brass have seen Young’s decline for quite sometime now.

name the managers who played the game.
and tell me how nolan was in charge but let daniels force everyone to throws sinkers.
in what way did the rangers (including during nolan’s time as team president) treat michael young wrongly?

Just for the record i’ve never understood why mitch is employed as an analyst let alone as a writer,he is at the very best mediocre at both…

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I thought this is an important article. There’s something to be said between balancing classroom ideals and experience in the field. Nolan Ryan is a legend. He’s not only a legend on the field, but in the front office in Texas. It could be tough times ahead for the Rangers.

Jon Daniels is a leech…..and has started the Rangers downfall!

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