Breaking down the World Series

We finally know the two teams that will play for the 2012 World Series crown. The Giants completed two of the better Postseason comebacks you’ll see, being all but dead and buried at 0-2 down to the Reds in the Division Series, and having to go to Cincy and win three straight games against a team that had not lost three straight games at home all year long.

The Giants took the only approach you can in that situation. Some people will say take it one game at a time. I don’t buy into that. In order to win three straight games in a win-or-go-home situation, you have to break it down as far as you can. And that is a pitch-to-pitch approach. That is what the Giants did in both series. They put away the Cardinals in convincing fashion last night:

That tells you what kind of team the Tigers will be facing in the Fall Classic. Many people would have said that the Giants would be the team that would have a better chance against the Tigers than the Cards. I am not one of those people. The Cardinals’ bullpen is a stronger one than the Giants’ and the Cards’ lineup is more dangerous because of the right-handed power bats. Detroit does not have a left-handed starter, and that would make many people
think the Giants’ lineup would be better against the right-handed power arms that Detroit will run out there.

But the Cards love hitting against hard-throwing pitchers and the Giants have many left-handed or switch hitters in their lineup, which I feel helps the Tigers because of the change-ups that Justin Verlander and Max Scherzer possess! In his two starts prior his last outing, Verlander struck out 22 hitters, and 17 of them were left-handed hitters.

So I feel that the Giants are the team the Tigers would rather face. All that being said, be careful what you wish for. Because this Giants team does the most important part of winning games: they play one pitch at a time and they do it as a team. I’m picking the Tigers in six games, but the Tigers had better not fall into the trap that the Reds and Cardinals did in thinking that if they get an early lead in the series, it is over. Because like Yogi famously said, “It ain’t over ’til it’s over!”


This guy is wrong at every turn. If I were Mitch, I’d petition MLB to delete all my old posts. Because they’re moronic. Wrong-headed prediction, cliche, cliche, wrong-headed prediction, cliche, cliche. I can’t believe he gets so much airtime.

I think Mitch’s comments about the Giants were accurate, but even he underestimated how spot on he was. It is as if you just don’t want to buy in to the Giant’s style of play because you know that your favorite team probably won’t act in the same manner which can be scary. Many of the other teams spend more time on spending lots of dough, and changing the lineups to frequently looking for the “right chemistry”.

The Giants proved Mitch Williams wrong in 2010 and again in 2013. He has something against the Giants. It probably has something to do when Will Clark and Kevin Mitchell played for the Giants. All the east coast reporters were against the Giants this season including the Fox Broadcasting team and I believe it has more to do with favortism for the east coast. They wish every world series consisted of the Yankees or Boston Red Soxs and Piladelphia or Atlanta. Back to Mitch you should turn in all your baseball cards of yourself and pretend you never played ball because you were Mr. Choke

they don”t call this idiot “wild thing’ for nothing. The true story of the WS was the Giants playing as a TEAM.Pitching and great defense up the middle made them the Champs.The Tigers were slow and sloppy up the middle< their pitching could not overcome this shortcoming. Plus Leyland was in over his head against Bochy.

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