The AL Pennant Race Landscape

As we sit here today, the American League division leaders are the Yankees, White Sox, and Rangers. The Wild Card leaders are Baltimore and Oakland.

Do I believe this is how the season will end up? NO!

As I look at the AL, I see a Yankee team that is beat up, an Oakland team that I think has been a great story, but ultimately are a little too young in their starting rotation to hang on to a Wild Card berth, and a White Sox team that is heaping a ton on two young left-handers in Chris Sale and Jose Quintana to take them some place niether of them have been in their careers: pennant chase baseball. Sale has been great this year, winning 16 games, but he recently lost back-to-back games for the first time this season. I don’t think they will be able to hold off Detroit. The Tigers are too talented. I believe that the Tigers will win the Central.

Not a lot of question about the West. The Rangers will win that division.

The most exciting baseball in September will take place in the East. I think the Rays are the team that will win that division because of their pitching. The question for me is whether the Yankees and Baltimore be able to win enough games to stay in the Wild Card hunt? I think the Yankees will be able to, because they have been through it so much. I love what Baltimore has done this year. It has been fun to watch, but I think they may be a little too young right now.

The team I think will be will be playing the Yankees in the Wild Card game will be the Angels. I see a late push by them to get that fifth and final spot.

Next week I will address the NL.


You talked about MVP today and didn’t even MENTION Buster Posey. Is your Giants hatred that heavy? Posey is hitting near .450 since the AS break. Braun? Seriously? The only reason he didn’t get suspended was the tester couldn’t find an open UPS shop on a Saturday night. Not even discussing Posey as an MVP candidate proves you are a joke as an analyst…

I’m glad I’m not a celebrity nor a sports writer,
Your opinions are indeed yours however, I don’t think much of your knowledge of which teams will win and not. You display bias opinions much like the professional sports writers do each and every day. Good luck and I hope your favorite teams win.
I’ll be watching and comparing my picks as well.

by the way,
The Oakland Athletics just buried the Angels!

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