Trout making a difference in LA

Mike Trout‘s call-up to the Los Angeles Angels could be the biggest difference-maker in all of baseball. Right now he is hands down the Rookie of the Year in the AL, but I don’t think we can stop at just Rookie of the Year. I believe right now this guy is the MVP of the American League .

Trout is 20 years old, and making the game look like it is just a video game. His numbers alone will earn him Rookie of the Year. Going into last Saturday’s game, he was leading the AL in runs scored, stolen bases and batting average. He also has 19 home runs and 57 RBI.
Before he was called up to the big leagues, the Angels were 6-14. They are since 51-36. If I’m doing my country math right, that is a 23-game swing in the standings.

Anyone who has listened to me or read anything I’ve written knows that I don’t believe that an MVP can be a player who only effects the outcome of a game on one side of the ball. I think they have to change the outcome of games on both sides. Defensively, Trout may be the best center fielder in the game right now.

I am not a big believer in comparing present day players to past players. The game has changed too much to do that. The size of ballparks today; the mentality of pitchers; the fact that if a pitcher even throws a ball inside anymore they get warned by the umpires. Those are all things that make it impossible to compare today’s players to past players.

I’m also not a guy who is ready to hang the Hall of Fame-bound tag on a player after less than a full year under his belt. But as for this year and the 84 games he played before Saturday — and the 84 runs he has scored to go along with his power numbers from the lead-off spot — in my opinion, if the season ended today, Mike Trout is the AL MVP. An MVP not only has great numbers, but he makes the guys around him better, and at 20 years old, Trout has done both.


Completely agree Mitch. I’ve got Trout as my AL MVP at this moment. Cabrera or Cano are going to need to come on strong to take it from him.

MVP? Hmmm…

Best record in the AL belongs to Texas, but, they haven’t had any one person get them there. Josh Hamilton was as close an early-season Lock as you could request, but he fell flat on his face and… just… laid there.

Best stories in the AL are the Orioles and A’s. But, again… no one player is hoisting them on their broad shoulders and hauling them to where they are.

Yankees? Cano? Ya know? No. Numbers just aren’t there this year.

There really isn’t another candidate. Maybe Miggy. Maybe Dunn. But, they’ve both done their damage in context of their teams contending against each other in an otherwise wimpy division. And, MVPs don’t get handed out to guys with the Mendoza Line as their average even if they hit 75 homers. Won’t happen for Dunn.

Cabrera’s about it. And, Trout has the better pub.

Angry A’s Fan, are you kidding, Jemile Weeks to the minors, hitting over 300 for 100 games last season, hitting over 300 during spring training, then management tweaks to no avail. Do what got you there, you showed them when not micro-managed you excel. Your exciting, stay strong, and do what got you there.

Micro-management sub does Jemile Weeks, what a hitter last season, a awesome spring training, then unwarranted insight stained his view. Be strong Jemile, do what got you there, develop your own comfort to become what we no you can do.

Baseball Almanac is pleased to present a document book complete of baseball milestones for stolen bases including career games played marks, single period games played plateaus and game associated games played records.”I haven’t missed a game in two-and-a-half years. I go to the park as ill as your dog and, when I see my uniform hanging there, I get well now.

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